Over the past few months, there have been many exciting things happening at Wellhead Electrical Supplies (WES). We’ve hired in multiple positions, promoted, won new clients and launched new products.

As the industry recovers from the pandemic, the last two months have been our best sales months of the year. With new strategic approaches in place, our well-oiled processes and team unit, we are on the path towards pre-pandemic levels. Our Sales Manager has complete confidence in the team’s ability, knows WES can continue this successful last quarter and looks forward to an exciting, bright, and prosperous 2022.

Team Additions and Promotions

Over the last few months, we have continued to grow through hiring and promoting staff. One newest member of the team is Lee Stuart, our Account Manager. He will be dealing with day-to-day sales enquiries and providing a support service to his clients. This service will help to eradicate any pinch points and help them streamline any purchasing requirements. Lee has over four years of experience in the industry and has hit the ground running. He oversees a portfolio of approximately 30 clients.

We also recently hired Kayleigh Duff as our Junior Account Manager. Kayleigh deals with day-to-day sales enquiries in the industry and will gain insights into the entire process, from business development to enquiry, order, dispatch, and invoicing. Kayleigh comes to us with eighteen months of sales experience outside of the industry. She is already showing great potential and has the responsibility of a portfolio of clients. Alongside new hires, a member of the team has received a well-deserved promotion.

Dan Eager came to WES towards the end of June as an Internal Sales Representative. After a successful period of business development, there was an opportunity to step into the Sales Manager role. He now oversees the sales team, working heavily on business development and client relationships. Since his promotion, the team has worked hard to accommodate new processes, refine others and build a positive atmosphere within the workplace. Alongside the expansions in the team, we have also seen growth with new clients and products.

Exciting New Clients and Products

At WES, we have an extensive back catalogue of clients. We aim to improve our relationship and communication with our past clients as well as our present clients. We have seen a steady improvement over the past three months, actively engaging with our customers as we continue to reach this goal.

As part of his new role, Dan has contacted many of our past clients and reached out to new ones where he feels WES can benefit them. Simultaneously, we have increased our product awareness to customers. New and existing clients are now aware of our full capabilities. This awareness has resulted in a growth of new clients and an increase in offerings to existing clients. Dan has also received feedback from the industry that would lead to new solutions that benefit the marketplace.

For instance, the industry has requested a bona fide zonal LED floodlight equivalent to 400/600W. Included in these offerings is the new Chalmit product Evolution X floodlight.

It’s good to see new products like this launching into the marketplace and the return of past offerings. Our Junction Box Workshop, which was out of action last year due to the pandemic, is now back in full swing and very busy. This workshop is a massive tool that allows us to provide junction boxes to our clients at competitive rates with exceptional service and turnaround. Our electrical technicians on-site provides an expert resource for any technical enquiries our clients may have.

The Next Steps for Wellhead Electrical Supplies

We have ambitious plans to diversify our offering to cater to our client’s needs. As we grow, we will open up new client bases and evolve how we interact with our clients. For instance, we are increasing our visibility online through our website and our LinkedIn business page.

The sales team are actively encouraged to use a broad range of communication methods with their clients, from email, calls and LinkedIn. We understand no client is the same, and our approach shouldn’t be either. Everyone is receptive to different things, and it’s down to us to figure out personal approaches.

We have a great range of core products which can be of huge benefit to some clients. We want to continue growing and spreading the word on WES and our capabilities to ensure we no longer fall by the wayside and are at the forefront of our client’s minds. Our team is working hard and adding resources to continue to provide a high-quality service.

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