From 1st April 2021, all moving helidecks will have to comply with the latest update of CAP437 (Ed.8, Chapter 6.8) and HCA – Standard Helideck Monitoring System Rev 9b. It has been mandated for UK operations by agreement with CAA UK, HCA, and helicopter operators/BHA. In addition to the up-date to the main Helideck Monitoring System (HMS) this now calls for repeater lights (L430) to be installed on each corner of the helideck.

An HMS Repeater Light (L430) System provides helicopter pilots a direct visual means of establishing the motion status of the helideck as presented on the HMS display. It also supports the new detection of unsafe wind conditions after landing due, for example, to the passage of ‘line squalls’ or loss of vessel heading control. The lights, that can be mounted on the helideck, are specifically designed to indicate these helideck operational statuses and can be integrated into any HMS supplier system.

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