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A business that promotes employee engagement and company culture could see up to four times more revenue. Therefore, the longevity and success of your business depend heavily on your company culture. With fresh staff, growth, and revenue goals at Wellhead Electrical Supplies (WES), we must check on key elements behind the success – our clients, suppliers, and employees.

We understand how influential culture is. So, we have continued to work on relationships with our clients and suppliers over the last 30 years. We have seen managers, staff, and external factors such as the pandemic influence our culture. There’s always room to improve in any business. For us, we wanted to focus on even better communication between our team and our clients. Communication has driven the evolution of our company culture.

This article highlights the evolution, impact, and aspirations of our company culture at Wellhead Electrical Supplies (WES).

Changes in Our Company Culture

Strong relationships have always been important to us at WES. Like personal relationships, business relationships require deliberate time and effort. Yet, when times are busy, we have been guilty – like many businesses – of letting communication drop or even stop. We are determined to show that we value our business relationships. It is not sufficient to simply say it or make screensavers with the words.

We strive to create a positive and relaxed work environment. Our staff are aware of and understand our open communication policy. The policy supports a work environment where issues are dealt with quickly to prevent those issues from developing into larger problems.

Sometimes, it is the little things that help to build a conducive workplace. For instance, we have introduced a radio into the office to help with relaxation. It has made a significant impact, helping manage quiet periods, keep staff focused, and motivate them with the task at hand. Having a relaxed atmosphere has enabled us to counteract what could be a stressful environment, particularly when we have tight deadlines, for example.

A more relaxed environment has led to improved efficiency, increased staff morale and better productivity across the board.

When it comes to engaging with clients and prospects on digital platforms, we have encouraged our teams to take those critical steps to interact more on social media. As part of the drive to do more social selling, we have provided support such as training and guidelines. We expect more staff members to adopt social selling over time.

The pandemic has significantly impacted our culture. For instance, we all but stopped team building activities and social gatherings, which we previously did to boost team morale. We are glad to see activity picking up again, and key elements of our company culture evolving into an environment that we are all immensely proud of.

 Company Culture and Our Brand

A boost in staff confidence is a key benefit of our evolving company culture. Staff are now much more aware of their capabilities and can reassure potential clients that WES can provide an excellent service. With this boost in confidence, the team are having better conversations with prospects, fully articulating how WES can add value. There is an increased pride in our brand that we could not have predicted, and it is making a real difference for staff, clients, and suppliers.

These days, our clients comment on the renewed energy felt when dealing with our office staff. We are quicker at responding to enquiries quicker and we get more done as a team. As a result, this improves our image and reliability with clients.

In addition, we constantly seek to improve our brand’s visibility on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the main social platform for our clients, and hence, our focus. Visibility is not only for the business but also to help develop individual team members. With this increased brand awareness on our website and LinkedIn, we can share our capabilities with clients and prospects to build relationships and generate leads. Our LinkedIn activities have led to new contacts contacting us requesting more information or a meeting. Becoming more social media savvy has helped us to realise how powerful digital platforms can be. As we improve our use of these platforms, we expect even more gains.

As we approach the end of 2021, seeing how our culture has evolved and impacted WES as a brand over 30 years is encouraging. After seeing impressive results, we will continue to develop our company culture and find ways to create even more value internally and externally.

To keep up to date about the culture at Wellhead Electrical Supplies, follow our LinkedIn for updates on our team, clients, and suppliers.


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