At Wellhead Electrical Supplies (WES), we don’t just provide products; we work with our customers to create solutions. Our simple, responsive processes deliver the best products on time and on budget, saving our customers time and money.

We pride ourselves on being the only independent Aberdeen company that supplies the best hazardous area electrical equipment to the global oil and gas and petrochemical industries. We are reliable, flexible, specialist, responsive, and offer services & solutions that work.

One of these services is our Junction Box Workshop, where we are a certified assembler & modifiers of Hawke (Part of the Hubbell Group) Explosion Proof Junction Boxes. With over 30 years of experience in assembly and certification of EExe enclosures, WES has the resource and capability to provide rapid turnaround on bespoke orders that make us stand out in the crowd.

Read on to learn more about our Junction Box Workshop service.

Our Junction Box Workshop Service

A junction box is a housing that harbours electrical connections and can be used to create multiple avenues from a live feed. Besides protecting the circuit connections from the elements and exposure to people, the importance of an ATEX junction box is that it also encapsulates any ignition sources. Therefore, it is essential when housed in a potentially explosive area.

Having a workshop like this at WES is essential to us on many fronts. Primarily, it means we can offer a bespoke offering to our clients and have the means to produce these boxes at a timescale dictated by ourselves. So, the client gets what they need when they need it.

Secondly, we have access to knowledge in-house for any technical queries which may arise. But, of course, this does not just involve junction boxes. It involves anything that connects to them or is part of the system, for example, cable glands, terminals, cables etc.

With this workshop, we do not just provide products; we work with our customers to create solutions.

What to Expect from our Workshop

Working closely with our customers to respond to their needs, we continue to train our team to meet requirements. Our simple, responsive processes deliver the best products on time and on budget, saving our customers time and money.

Clients can expect speedy service with a quality product. Our clear and regular communication is the foundation of the workshop process. We focus on communication to enable us to understand our clients’ goals. Once we have that information, it’s again about communicating our recommendations and listening to our clients’ wants.

When our clients’ requirements are all agreed, and the job is quoted and secured, the components for the job will go through a picking and checking process. Our workshop takes over the job when all the components picked.

The next step is for the Workshop Technician to complete the Serial Number Register. Hawke hold electronic Junction Box (JB) templates and the technician selects a Manufacturing Sheet from the templates based on JB Type to be manufactured. The Manufacturing Sheet is then saved and sent to Hawke for approval. Once approved, our workshop team manufacture and assemble the junction box to the exact client specifications.

Upon completion, the junction box will go through a multi-stage quality assurance process before heading to the client. Quality management systems are the backbone of any company to show commitment to delivering the highest quality service. So, we honour our commitment to quality customer service in every offering. We work with trusted partners, so providing a high-quality service is always easy!

Junction Box Workshop Partnership

Providing our clients with the highest quality products would not be possible without our partner, Hawke. We only work with the best, and that’s why clients – from ambitious small companies to global businesses – trust us to deliver electrical equipment needs.

Hawke is a core part of WES product offerings. We have been a certified assembly workshop for Hawke junction boxes for over 30 years. We were the first in Scotland to hold this certification and one of the first in the UK. Due to WES’s history steeped in Hawke junction box assembly, our experience in junction box assembly is invaluable to our clients and to our wider teams.

Our full range of Hawke GRP and SS boxes can be modified and certified in-house to meet each client’s specifications. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our Junction Box Workshop.

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