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The Arran X is a new, revolutionary, energy efficient floodlight designed to withstand the most industrial harsh environments, without sacrificing light quality, durability, or safety. With a robust clamshell design, including a captive swing barrel latch, that offers complete and unimpeded access to the wiring chamber, which allows for a quick and easy installation. Multiple optic types are also available, so that light distribution can be tailored to application need. Intelligent battery backup is also available as an option which includes Self-Testing feature which runs a 30 second test every 30 days and a 90 or 180 minute test every twelve months. Bi-coloured LED indicator provides a visual fault detection and charging status. With a greater range of output and optic options the Arran X offers a complete package for all Industrial floodlight applications.

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Chalmit - Hazardous & Industrial Lighting

Chalmit is the market leading manufacturer of LED and conventional linear, flood lighting and more for industrial and harsh and hazardous environments.

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We have built a reputation as suppliers of high quality, specialist hazardous area equipment to a number of industries around the globe.

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