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SP2 Page/Party Interface

SP2 is one of GAI-TRONICS’ most advanced paging and intercom systems. Combining the simplicity of “press to page, release to party” operation with cutting-edge multicast Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, SP2 is capable of providing virtually instant communication in the most demanding of environments. With the SP2 to Page/Party interface it is possible for existing users of Page/Party and ICS equipment to add SP2 stations to their systems. The SP2 to Page/Party interface includes six independent 33Ω to IP multicast conversion circuits, allowing a single unit to interface a page line and up to five party lines.

  • Interfaces GAI-TRONICS SP2 Stations to Existing Page/Party® Systems
  • Converts One 33Ω Page Line and Five 33Ω Party Lines to SP2 Multicast IP Channels
  • Indoor Wall-mount Unit
  • Configurable Isolate Function
  • Simple Configuration via GAI-TRONICS GUDA Software

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