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Nova-65 HI – LED Marine Lantern

The Nova-65HI features unique and proprietary optics, developed in 2012 from the original Nova-65 lanterns, which provide a 360° beam at 3° vertical divergence.

Utilizing a highly efficient compact lens, the Nova-65 HI is a one-of-a-kind, small, lightweight marine beacon. The 3° divergence lens is ideal for fixed or stable floating aids to navigation requiring a much longer range, up to 10NM @ T=0.74, while still using a minimal amount of power.

Two options of housing are available for general marine use (GMU) and for NEC Class 1 Division 2: polycarbonate and a ruggedized metal version. Both housing options are designed to withstand the harsh marine environment including ice build-up in extremes of latitude and the high temperatures experienced along the equatorial plane.

IP-66 and IP-68 make Nova-65I the choice of professionals.

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