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Roxtec Lubricant

Roxtec Lubricant is natural tallow that is used to lubricate the sealing modules, the Roxtec Wedge and the inside of the frame. This provides correct compression and a secure seal. Roxtec Assembly Gel is intended for Roxtec ComPlus, Roxtec ComSeal™ LW, Roxtec ComSeal™, Roxtec ComShelt™, Roxtec EzEntry™ 4 mini, Roxtec C ComShelt™ and Roxtec CRL for easy installation.

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Roxtec - Frames & Sealing Components

Roxtec is a company specialising in the development and manufacture of cable and pipe seals. Roxtec’s products are designed to seal cable and pipe penetrations in order to protect from multiple hazards including fire, water, gas, dust, vibrations, electro-magnetic disturbances, vermin, and the risk of explosion.

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