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Unitrunk Skirting Trunking

Unitrunk skirting trunking is easily fitted and is available with all the necessary bends etc, to form a complete installation. Trunking designed for installation after wall and floor surfaces have been completed. Tee Pieces, Pier Sets etc, can be supplied to customer requirements.

The body and divider of the standard skirting trunking are manufactured from galvanised sheet steel to BS EN 50085-1 :2005 plus BS EN 50085-1-2:2006.

The cover is made from galvanised sheet steel and can be finished in epoxy/polyester coating of any colour on request. All trunking is supplied in 3 metre lengths as standard, complete with joining plates and screws.

S1 and S2 trunking is supplied with compartments as shown and is therefore suitable for carrying mains, telephone and VDU or other low voltage circuits. The dividers have provision every 200mm along the length with 20mm EKOs to allow access between compartments. A Back Box is also available on request for complete segregation.

It is normal practice to run the mains circuit in the larger compartment as the cover can be punched to accept a standard 13 amp socket or other accessory. Alternatively a short section of cover can be supplied c/w a one or two gang socket outlet. Socket plates and accessories are manufactured to overlap at the edges.

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