At Wellhead Electrical Supplies (WES), we work with the best partners. Our strong partnerships help us gain the trust of our clients for the delivery of electrical equipment needs, be it an ambitious small company or a global business.

A key partnership we have proudly established and maintained over the years is with Orga for Helideck Lighting & Components. Orga is the trusted partner of choice for protecting people, assets and the environment. Read on to learn more about our successful long-term partnership, as our Director, Co-founder and Co-owner, Greg Rastall,shares his extensive experience working with the client. Greg is a specialist in Cap437 Helideck lighting, with 30+ years in WES.

How long has WES partnered with Orga?

The Orga and WES relationship has developed for over 25 years when we saw improvements to the Cap437 visual aids. Our relationship has grown to one of mutual trust and support. We worked closely with Orga to introduce the new specification of helideck lighting, with more than 4,500 new LED green helideck lights heading into the North sea.

Why has building a long-term partnership with Orga been necessary for WES services?

Building a long term relationship with Orga has allowed trust and growth within both companies.

Working in partnership with such a company has been indeed a pleasure. Orga prides itself in producing the best products available globally for its market sector. This pride is something they do not want to compromise, and they have a genuine ambition to maintain it. This core value was instigated by its founder Rob Van Beast, and that passion is as strong then as it is to this day.

We are now are at a point where we don’t have any barriers between us. The long-term partnership has been necessary to communicate market intelligence and product performance. With information flowing both ways between a manufacturer and its distribution partner, it allows for the best use of time and resources.

Successful relationships like this are likely to make the difference between a company blazing a trail and falling into oblivion, especially in today’s more competitive economic environment.

How do you maintain this relationship with Orga?

We keep good communications flowing, we are honest with each other, and we avoid a blame culture. We discuss available capabilities and frequently review what is working well, discuss what needs improvement, and identify the area of focus.

At WES, we understand that the longer that relationship lasts, the greater the benefits for both parties. Seeing advantages like improved performance, greater cost efficiency, and helping our clients shows how important it is to maintain the relationship. We maintain these relationships by being fully transparent with our clients, colleagues, and business partners. This transparency is a necessary ingredient in business, regardless of the situation. This strategy will offer both parties confidence and build a relationship of trust that will persist through difficult times.

How many projects have you completed with Orga?

At WES, we assist Orga with and introduce new step by step changes to Cap437 lighting. This started with a shift to green led permitter light, helideck status lights led obstruction lights, and more recently, illumination of the Circle and H marker. The illumination of the Circle and H was pioneering. It has challenged WES and Orga to work alongside CAA, HCA and the industry to develop a standard through field trial, complete final approvals, and move on to initial installations. Some 10 years later, thousands of flights have landed on this system. It has been one of the most successful projects I have been involved in within my 35-year career.

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